If you would like to order your own Kids Art by Natalie, if you have questions, or if you’d simply like to chat, just fill out the form below. Include your contact information, the type of art you’d like, and the name and some basic information about the kiddo (or adult kiddo!) that you’re ordering for. For an example, scroll down.



Howdy! My name’s Tina Marie and I just love your Custom Name Art– especially those big painted types. My son, Billy is just bout to turn four and I’d just love to get one for his room! Billy’s a real character– he loves all sorts of sports, like football, soccer, and basketball; he likes to collect lost buttons; his favorite food is burnt cheese; and he really likes to paint his face with icing.

It’d be just great to get one of them big 11×14 painted Name Arts. Oh and can we do a poem too? You can get me at Thanks, sugar!

So no matter your child’s age, hobbies, or rather, er, unique tastes, there is a one-of-a-kind piece of art just waiting to be born.

Custom Kids Art by Natalie in Austin, Texas


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